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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an Order made Shirt (tailor made shirt)?

An ‘Order Made Shirt’ simply means that you can design your shirt right from scratch. From selecting your fabric to choosing your shirt style from limitless options to the sizing of the shirt which will be made exactly to your size, specially for you.

How are you able to offer such affordable prices for order made shirts?

We are able to offer such prices because we are tailor-made factory and we have the right infrastructure in place to support tailor-made shirts for the masses. Our aim is to put our product out there for everyone to experience the exclusivity of ordering tailor-made shirts at a reasonable price. We have a narrow and reasonable profit margin as we enjoy the satisfaction our customers get from experiencing our top quality and high class shirts.

What kind of fabric is used for the shirts?

We believe in using the best always, so we use only 100% pure Cotton. Our price is unbeatable when compared to other vendors in the online market, who use the same kind of fabric. This is guaranteed!

Am I able to order Standard Sized shirts?

Yes. We have an option for you to select a size from our standard size chart. Our fit is second to none, so rest assured you will enjoy the feel of a tailor-made fit even if you choose a standard size!

Will you be offering any other tailor made products in the near future?

Yes, there are many items on the way. Add us on Facebook to stay updated!

How long do I have to wait for my shirts?

Having the best production facilities, we are able to deliver within 6 weeks.

Is there an extra charge for monograms (initials)?

Every option offered on our website is included in the price. All styles, including your personal monogram is complimentary!

Is it difficult to take your own size?

Taking your own size is very simple! For your convenience, we have included easy guidelines which include pictures and a VDO to assist you in measuring.

I have trouble paying with credit card. Once I enter my details it does not process, what do I do?

Please empty cache and clear cookies in your browser, start designing again and this time the process will go through.

Which browser is best to view your site?

Please use Internet explorer, Firefox or Chrome for best performance. However, Safari should also work fine.

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